A wounded healer is the best healer.

Holly Smith

Nationally certified Addictions Life Coach Philadelphia



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As an experienced health care professional, I take people and their addictions/problems seriously.  I come from a compassionate place and offer a safe, warm environment where we explore the roots of addiction, problematic behaviors and new, healthier mechanisms which can resolve long standing behavioral patterns.  I am in recovery myself, therefore I understand and walk the walk. 



For the past ten years, I have been helping people and can pin point issues with ease, offering both short term and long term goals.   I have been mentored and trained by my own therapist, Peter Bullock, and have many tools I wish to share with people who suffer in silence.   With a background in addictions/treatment modalities I have placed hundreds of individuals into treatment centers all over the United States.   I have a thorough understanding of both substance and process addictions, ( love addiction).

Whether you’re struggling in a relationship or marriage, and or with an addiction, or have a child who is not thriving- I am the professional who can help. 



Client Reviews

Holly has helped me learn new ways to cope and to explore the roots of my addiction. I have been under her care for over two years, and find our sessions both helpful and compelling.
— Anonymous
I came to Holly for my son. After a few sessions, I discovered I too had issues that I needed help with in order to become a better mother. Holly has taught me ways to deal with Robert and that my fears are ultimately about me.
— New client
I found Holly on Psychology Today, over two years ago. I began seeing her and what I discovered about myself was astounding! Holly helps me make connections and get to the root! I wouldn’t be where i am today without her insight.
— Anonymous

A spouse, child or family member suffers from codependency- I can help you discover the roots of your enabling behavior, attachment theory and find ways to heal over time.

I can work with you to sober coach you into recovery, we will trudge the road of recovery through adopting new tools and behaviors which create paths to sobriety.

I can help you discover what Love/Sex Addiction is, how it manifests and how we as addicts manifest these patterns over and over.  Through CBT, ongoing 12 step support and awareness, I can help you conquer the beast!